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August 2017

A Wall isn’t the answer

A Wall isn’t the answer

By: Vanessa Rivera

I can still hear the echoes of “build that wall” echoing through my brain from the Trump rallies and the demonstrations which were held throughout the election season.

I rolled my eyes and tried to block it out, but now Trump has become President Trump and the wall is a possibility.

As the daughter of immigrants and someone who has researched the immigration issue in-depth, I cannot express how detrimental a wall would be to our country.

First of all, we were a nation established and built by immigrants. So to be expressing the notion that immigrants aren’t allowed into the is absolutely anti-American. Please save me the argument that immigrants come to America to take away your jobs, because I don’t see you or your family, dying to do the jobs immigrants have taken upon themselves in this country.

Second of all, if you think that our immigration problem starts in the southern border, you are wrong. Our immigration problem has arisen from an insufficient and redundant bureaucracy.

Many immigrants actually come to America on visas. There are about 185 different visas available to immigrants. Some of them are Temporary work visas, tourist visas and student visas. The problem arises when the visa expires. Once their visas are expired they have limited knowledge and resources to renew it. So then they stay in America illegally working, because they are afraid to go home in fear of not being able to return.

Research released by the Center for Migration Studies in 2012 concluded that 60 percent of what is considered new illegal immigrants are believed to have come to the US legally on some sort of visa and then just stayed after the visa expired.

Does this sound like a problem, which a costly wall would fix?

Absolutely not.

30 years ago Ronald Reagan begged Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the wall dividing the city of Berlin. I now beg President Trump to not build the wall and to instead, fix the redundant and broken system that is the immigration process.



“You’re Fired” – Draining the Swamp, or Trouble in Paradise?

The Trump administration has been a revolving door of cabinet members, FBI directors and the like. The most recent White House shake-up was announced on Monday; top Trump donor and Trump television surrogate Anthony Scaramucci was leaving his job as Communications Director. Many Trumplicans seem incredibly happy that President Trump is not afraid to let someone go if they are not performing their duties to his liking.

However, when President Trump fires a Communications Director he hired 10 days prior, it makes me question President Trump’s hiring process, firing decisions, and style of management. During his short tenure as Communications Director, Scaramucci made it his mission to crack down on White House leakers. He indicated this sentiment to a reporter at The New Yorker, attacking the chief of staff at the time, Reince Priebus, and making vulgar comments about White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. The article detailing this interaction can be found here.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a recent replacement of Press-Secretary Sean Spicer, told reporters during a press briefing that President Trump  “felt that Anthony’s comments were inappropriate for a person in that position.” It wasn’t long before Scaramucci was out of the White House. If you bought milk the day Anthony Scaramucci was hired, it was probably still good at the time he left his post.

Although Scaramucci was the most notable firing due to the brevity of his tenure, he is not the first staff change at the White House.

Here is a list of of the more notable officials who left the administration since Trump took office on January 20:

Anthony Scaramucci (Communications Director), James Comey (FBI Director), Michael Dubke (Communications Director), Michael Flynn (National Security Advisor), Gerrit Lansing (Chief Digital Officer),  Reince Priebus (Chief of Staff), Walter Shaub (Head of US Office of Government Ethics), Michael Short (Senior White House Assistant Press Secretary), Sean Spicer (Press Secretary), Katie Walsh (Deputy White House Chief of Staff), Sally Yates (Acting US Attorney General), Caroline Wiles (Director of Scheduling).

Those who voted for Trump, what do you think of all of this? When you voted for “draining the swamp”, is this just what you had in mind, or is the inconsistency too much drama for the highest office in the United States? I support President Trump and his mission, but I’m not sure how I feel about what’s going on right now, and I want to hear your thoughts. Comment below.

May God Bless You, God Bless America, and God Bless Coffee Shop Crusades. Stay Caffeinated.


July 2017

Feminism: A Backwards Ideology

This past week, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was named to be the official Press-Secretary for the Trump Administration. This names her to be the third-ever female to hold this position. Not only is this position highly stressful, especially because of the revolution of positive, informational journalism, to slanderous, click-bait news outlets, however, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is passing milestones, giving women empowerment and hope that anything is possible, including any occupation, in a so-called, “men’s environment.”

The Feminists should be praising Sanders, lifting her up, and understanding that this is such a milestone for women in this country.

But No.

They are doing the exact opposite. And the reason for this behavior is because the Feminist movement is nothing but an empty platform of lies and enablement of victim-mentality.

Twitter was raging with personal attacks and insults this week.

A Contributor to the Washington Post tweeted, “Countdown till the White House starts spinning the appointment of Sarah Huckabee Sanders as some kind of Feminist milestone #NOPE”

Comedian Akilah Hughes tweeted, “I feel like Sarah Huckabee Sanders left and right eye switch places”

Another tweet read, “Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks like every woman eating lobster on a cruise ship”

I thought the Feminist movement was about empowerment and equality for all woman?

I thought the Feminist movement was fighting to build inclusively through “determination, dignity, and respect”?

I thought the Feminist movement was fighting for all women?

The Feminist movement is only about equality and empowerment when the women in which they are fighting for meet the left’s agenda. The feminist movement degrades Conservative women on daily basis. So really, is this so-called, “movement” really fighting for women?

The only thing this movement is fighting for is the politicization and exploitation of the women in which they are so-called “empowering” to further their racist, sexist, bigoted agenda.



We should be proud this week that the Trump administration appointed a powerful, articulate, and strong women to be the 3rd Women in the history of this country to be the White House Press Secretary. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the vision of women’s empowerment. She has shown all women, regardless of political ideology that glass ceilings can be broken, and gender does not matter in the workforce. What matters is hard work, dedication, and persistence to pursue a passion.

Barriers have been broken this week. Huckabee’s appointment is a symbol of the Trump administration from the very beginning. Hard work is the key to success and to improvement. Stereotypes, excuses, and victim-mentality is a game played by the Left and the Feminist movement to demean women and their power in this world. Women are better than this. Americans are better than this. The left goes low, however, we must go high.sarahhuck.png

July 2017

Must have items for your next conference

This week, I am headed out to Denver, Western Conservative Summit. Although it may be my first time out west, it certainly isn’t my first conference. I have attended multiple CPACs and I have attended the National Conference for NeW twice. Along the way, I picked up a few tips and tricks that I would love to share. The more you get involved with the conservative movement, the more you get the opportunity to travel to different conferences and retreats. So here are a few things you should bring which are essential to surviving a conference!

Portable charger

They come in all shapes and sizes, and they are always in the target $ section! Portable chargers really help you enjoy the conference, because instead of worrying that your phone might die and instead of sitting in the corner like a hobbit charging your phone, you get to enjoy the conference worry free.

Large tote and a cross body

Every time I go to a conference I always tell my friends to always bring both a large tote, and a small cross body. The large tote can be used throughout the conference, as you collect goodies and papers. But after the conference is over, and you’re going to head out to explore the city, you do not want to take your huge heavy tote. Hence the small cross body.

Blister Band-Aids

I discovered these about 2 years ago and I swear by them! These Band-Aids are specific to blisters! The company Band-Aid makes and so does Target. (Can you tell I spend a lot of time in Target) The band-aids are designed to stay on your blister for about 2-3 days and help it heal. They stay on even in the shower! I recommend taking a whole box, because you will be a savior to girls whose flimsy band aids from the front desk is fallen off.

Link to Band-Aid:

SIDE NOTE: Break your shoes in before going. There is nothing like seeing girls in new Target or DSW heels and seeing them cringe with every step they At home put 3-4 socks on, and break those bad boys in.

Business cards

You never know who you’ll meet, so it is super important to be able to swap contact information! If you don’t have a card from work make one! Staples and Vista Print make cute cards for cheap and you can get them in a matter of days! You can even design your own on and then upload the design to


Gum, mints, tictacs bring a bunch! Once again, you never know who you’ll run into. When I met the VP Mike Pence, I was relieved that I had gum on me, because I doubt he would appreciate to smell the, triple shot macchiato I had earlier.

A jacket or cardigan

Convention centers can be chilly so bring one just in case. Also, sometimes in a city you’ve never been to the weather may turn a tad chilly at night. They also make for good seat holders, when you need to leave your seat in the convention room.


I am the snack queen! My friends know that when I go to conferences I have the movie theater candy, and granola bars stocked in my tote! Snacks are important because, you may not want to leave your seat for 3 hours because the speakers are so amazing , but you’re about to pass out because you haven’t eaten anything since your Starbs croissant and triple shot macchiato. This is when the snacks come into play!

I hope my list helps you when you’re packing for future conferences! If you’re ever interested in attending a conference DM me on Twitter! There are many  foundations and nonprofits, who pay for students to go to conferences!


Twitter: @CandidNessa


July 2017

Feminist hypocrisy

Recently, Ryan Murphy, the co-creator and producer of the hit show, American Horror Story, tweeted out that Lena Dunham will be joining the show as a cast member for the next season. A season that I will NOT be watching.

If you don’t know who Lena Dunham is, she’s a self-proclaimed feminist that has openly admitted to molesting her younger sister for countless years and she somehow still has a career. On social media I’ve seen feminists flock to her side screaming, “it was just child curiosity.” But I beg to differ.

In her book she writes that when she was younger she would bribe her sister that was 6 years younger than her with candy to kiss her on the lips for a period of time. She also writes about touching her sister’s privates and finding great pleasure in simply just laying with her. All of these acts continued well into her teenage years and these are only the watered down versions of all that she did, being that I want to spare you the despicable details.

I have yet to hear feminists do anything but defend her yet the outrage STILL continues years later after the news of Josh Duggar molesting his sisters surfaced. Not only that but the Duggar show was taken off the air and somehow Lena remains untouched and appears on hit shows like The View, Girls, and now AHS.

If what Lena did to her sister wasn’t enough, she also falsely accused a man of rape so where are the women that claim that they do also condemn women of false rape claims?

They try to say that they care about male victims of rape, false rape claims by women, and female abusers in general but I don’t see it. I considered myself a feminist for years and I didn’t see it then either. In their eyes it seems like women can do no wrong but if one man does something bad then there becomes a huge trend of generalizing all men as “trash.”

If Lena was a man and came out saying that for years he would sneak into his young sisters room and touch her sexually as well as claiming that a woman raped him when they didn’t and everything else that Lena has admitted to doing, can you imagine the uproar? Because there certainly would be one, but it shouldn’t only happen when it’s a man.

Liberals and Feminists claim to be the group of equality and equal treatment but I would argue that Conservatives are actually the ones who truly stand for that. We condemn rapists for the scum that they are no matter which gender they happen to be.

I want this to bring light to the awful person that Lena Dunham is and hopefully help show feminists their hypocrisy. I refuse to watch the next season of American Horror story and I hope people will join me in doing so just as they would if the roles were reversed.

You can’t preach equality when you don’t grant the same disgust to women abusers as you do to men.

July 2017

Let’s Find America…Again

As I’ve been reading books and listening to podcasts recently, I’ve begun to ask myself how America has gotten this far. Not like, how we’ve overcome all of these changes, because I know how we did that. I’m asking myself how we’ve become a country so strayed from its very founding. It’s hard for me to imagine that this country we live in now is what the Founding Fathers had imagined for us. We live in a world ran by big government, something our founder’s never had envisioned for this great nation.

While it’s easy for us to say that other countries governments are far bigger, because they all are. Our government’s powers are still so much less than the rest of the globe. We continue to be the greatest nation on Earth because of our goal of small government. But how much longer will this last?  Our government is growing every single day and is going to continue to do so unless we stop it.

The government is in healthcare, it’s in the housing market, it’s in our jobs (because they take taxes out of our paychecks). The government, is into everything. While we thankfully don’t live in a socialist country, we do live in a country that’s slowly easing our way there. Our country is trillions in debt, we had a recession within the last decade and we currently have a weak form of socialized medicine.

Our founders, some of the greatest free thinkers to ever face this Earth, never would have wanted this. I know that we Americans have prospered much past what they probably had envisioned, but we’ve messed up a lot along the way. We now have these career politicians, something I guarantee our founders were against.

We NEARLY had a socialist as a presidential candidate. A SOCIALIST.

It’s time for America to find itself again. We’ve lost out identity. We’ve lost what it means to be patriotic. We have our own citizens hating our country and refusing to stand for the flag. Our country was built on some of the most amazing principles ever. I mean it. This country was founded on something like NO OTHER country in the world. That’s why we have the oldest Constitution still in practice.

Our country was founded on something so incredibly amazing and we’ve lost it. We’ve lost it to the left, the liberal ideas and socialism. Our founders never, ever would have wanted us to lose ourselves to these things.

Our founders suffered under British rule and saw what that did to its people, so why are letting this happen again?

Americans, Conservatives and Liberals need to get back to what we were founded on. We were founded on freedom. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom to purse life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We were founded on freedom FROM the government. Not freedom to grow our government.

We’re in a revolution right now, a scary one at that. We have the left and the right so polar opposite. Americans are sick and tired of the antics of both. The left’s platforms aren’t working. The biased leftist media isn’t working.

The right isn’t helping itself either though. It’s not doing what it’s supposed to. The Republicans in Congress aren’t doing their jobs. They’re career politicians with selfish intent.

However, I do believe there is a light at the end. I think we’re going to come out of this crazy revolution a stronger and better country. What I can only hope is, we get back to our principles. We get back to limited government. We get back to freedom. We get back to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


July 2017

Best Organizations for College Conservatives to Join!

If you’re currently going to school and you’re having a hard time finding a place to fit in due to your conservative beliefs, I encourage you to research these 6 amazing organizations. If you’re interested in starting your own chapter of the following organizations on your campus follow the links attached and get started!

 1. College Republicans

On many college campuses the College Republicans are well known and flourishing. Representing the right, the college republicans host meetings, petition on campus, as well as host conservative speakers on their campuses.


“College Republicans is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most active youth political organization. Founded in 1892, there are currently over 250,000 CR’s around the country on 1,800+ campuses in every state and DC.”




  1. Turning Point USA

Turning point has caught on like wildfire in campuses across the country. Their catchy “Socialism Sucks” shirts and provocative bumper stickers turn heads and get conversations going on campuses.

Turning Point USA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded on June 5, 2012 by Charlie Kirk. The organization’s mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government.

Since the founding, Turning Point USA has embarked on a mission to build the most organized, active, and powerful conservative grassroots activist network on college campuses across the country. With a presence on over 1,000 college campuses and high schools across the country, Turning Point USA is the largest and fastest growing youth organization in America.

Turning Point USA has changed my life in so many ways. I was able to confidently speak on my college campus and share conservative views without feeling scared of the leftist’s rhetoric. I’ve had professors debate me and students disagree with me, but it’s only educated me farther. Plus, TPUSA has really cool student activist retreats that you can apply for and attend! If you’re chosen to go, they’re in fun places like West Palm Beach, DC, and Dallas. I’ve made some of my closest friends from the retreats who share the same conservative values and principles as me.- Delainey Trost

*If you’re from the Missouri area and are interested in becoming involved, starting a chapter, or learning more reach out to the owner of this blog, Coffee Shop Crusades, Delainey Trost. She is the St. Louis Field Director and can give you a ton of information about Turning Point USA and how to get involved! Her Twitter is: @conservativedct *



  1. Network of Enlightened Women

The Network of Enlightened Women started out as a conservative women’s book club and has flourished to over 30 collegiate chapters across the US. What is unique about NeW, is that it focuses on preparing young women for the world after college by strengthening their resumes and conservative beliefs. They offer opportunities for young women to start chapters, to get published in news outlets, and find amazing internships.


“NeW was originally started as a book club, so that members could read about ideas that were often left off college syllabi and forgotten on college campuses. Today, NeW is present on more than 30 college campuses. As former NeW members graduate, they wanted to stay involved, so we have formed young professional and alumnae chapters.”




  1. Young Americans Foundation

YAF encourages students across the country to take action on their campuses and to stand up for their conservative beliefs. YAF sends students different activism kits in order to start conversations, which really need to be started on campuses.


“Young America’s Foundation is committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.”



  1. Young Republicans

YR is an organization, which is City County and statewide. Although it is not college specific, the members are all between the ages of 18-40. This is an amazing organization to get involved with, due to the networking and opportunities, which arise with such a diverse age group.

“The Young Republicans (YRs) are the oldest political youth organization in the United States. Important to the growth of the Republican Party, the YRs reach out to registered Republicans, 18 to 40 years of age, and provide them with better political knowledge and understanding of the issues of the day.”



6. Future Female Leaders

Amanda Owens is the founder of Future Female Leaders. This movement has become one of the leader movements and voices for conservative women across America. By using sass and humor, she brings a classy edge to politics for millennial women.

Future Female Leaders, or FFL, is America’s leading social movement for conservative women.  Our mission is to provide a sense of pride in being a conservative woman and make current events, politics, and the direction of our country relevant to many millennial women.  FFL gets women engaged in the real issues facing our country while inspiring  them to get registered to vote, support conservative candidates, and make their voices be heard.





No matter which organization you chose to get involved with, the amount of time and effort you dedicate, is what makes the biggest difference in your career. So get out there, get connected and lets get to work!




“As Told by Annie”: New Column coming to Coffee Shop Crusades


Hello Coffee Shop Crusaders!

My name is Annie, and I’m a new writer for the blog. This post primarily serves as an introductory piece outlining what readers can expect from my “As Told by Annie” column this summer and early autumn.

My biggest axe to grind is how millennials, specifically college students, spout political propaganda and have no idea what they are saying or why they believe what they believe.  I’m not saying the average American should know every detail U.S. foreign affairs  to have an opinion on foreign policy or be glued to NASDAQ monitoring sites to have an opinion on capitalism and the economy. (And I’m definitely not saying that I know absolutely every detail about these topics, because I definitely don’t.) However, I am saying that everyone should have a basic understanding of the core principles they believe and why they believe them.

After spending three years at a liberal arts college, I admittedly expect this mindlessness to be commonplace in outspoken liberals. However, I am deeply disappointed that self-proclaimed young republicans don’t understand the basic principles that their party supports. “The Three-Legged Stool of Conservatism:  Are Right-Wing College Students Practicing What They Preach?” is a three-part series that will take a closer look at the modern-day U.S. conservative movement and if self-proclaimed “conservative” college students are walking the walk, or just talking the talk.

In addition to understanding your core belief system, I also think it’s incredibly important to form your own opinion on issues, and not just go along with and blindly defend your party’s norm. On “Controversial Topic Tuesday”  I will examine topics nobody else wants to talk about; including, but not limited to, LGBT politics, why covfefe and Beyoncé do not matter, politics in pop culture, and more.

I’m incredibly excited to start this new journey as a political/lifestyle blogger, and I can’t wait to hear feedback from readers. I’ve felt a calling to blog for quite some time, and before I sign off I’d like to thank Delainey Trost, founder of Coffee Shop Crusades, for sharing her platform and allowing me this opportunity to share my thoughts.

May God Bless You, God Bless America, and God Bless Coffee Shop Crusades. Stay Caffeinated. 


July 2017

What are you even resisting? Making America great again?

To a liberal’s surprise: my rights do not end where your feelings start, so I’m going to use my first amendment right to defend President Trump. Breathe. It’s okay. We can make it through this blog post together without getting offended, right?

Throughout the Obama administration people who did not vote for him did not riot and “#resist” like they have been thus far into the Trump Administration. Trump has only been in office for seven months. R-E-L-A-X. Your life has not changed. You have not randomly become poor because of Trump. You did not drop out of college because of Trump. You did not lose your job because of Trump. You did not lose your free speech or any of your constitution rights because of Trump. Anything bad that has happened in your life since January has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Trump has become the President of the United States. I can assure you of that. How do I know? Zero laws or executive orders have been put into affect that could or would change the lives of other’s in a negative way. Have faith in our President and our Congress. You may not agree with every little thing Trump wants to do or sign into order, but neither will a lot of Congress. Checks and balances is a system that is set up specifically to make sure that a branch of our government does not gain too much control. Trump has already had a hard time signing things into order because Congress, Republicans in Congress as well- keep him in check. So breathe.

But do you know who’s lives have drastically changed since January? The Trump family. Trump has had horrible lies stated about him, accusations made about his integrity, character, and family. Ivanka has had her clothing line stripped from stores, her character bashed, her intelligence questioned, and her family looked upon like zoo animals. Donald Trump Jr. has been accused of TREASON, collusion, and lies which he did not commit. Jared Kushner has been accused of leaking classified White House information in retaliation of his father-in-law. Melania has been questioned on why she even married Trump, mocked and slandered for modeling, and made fun of for being an immigrant, which is hypocritical from the left who claims they want ‘open borders’. Eleven year old Barron has been called autistic, uneducated, and ‘weird’. I repeat: even the 11 year old is being bashed by America for absolutely no reason. The Trump family has given up their rich and fabulous lives in exchange for being treated horribly by half of America all because they love and care for this country.

What has the Trump family done for America since January? :



It’s only been 7 months since Trump has become our president. It’s going to be a very long journey. The president and his family deserve respect as human beings. The Trump family has been treated worse by citizens than any other family in office. It’s sickening.

I stand by our president and I look forward to seeing more jobs flood into America, our national security rise, our law enforcement officers safe, American’s keeping more of their hard earned money, and our country becoming great again.


July 2017

Why countering the Gun Control movement is important



In 2007, Jeanne Assam, saved the day at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Thousands of people were leaving Sunday mass as the shooter opened fire on the crowd. Assam ran toward the line of fire, killing the shooter and saving lives. In 2013, a shooter at Prince Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia opened fire on the students but the suspect was disarmed by an armed guard who was stationed at the school. Intruders were attempting to enter Sarah McKinley’s home, but she fired and killed one suspect and scared the other intruder off–saving her life and her child’s.

The list of people not only saving their lives but that of others as well, goes on and on. Yet liberals still choose to advocate for stripping us of our right to arm ourselves.

People with harm in mind can get guns no matter what, so outlawing any or all types of guns and implementing more gun free zones doesn’t reduce gun violence, it simply just makes it harder for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, their homes, their family and etc.

According to the Department of Justice, 77 percent of criminals in state prison for firearm crimes get firearms through theft, on the black market, from a drug dealer or “on the street,” or from family members and friends, while less than one percent get firearms from dealers or non-dealers at gun shows.

Some people think that if we just get rid of guns, violence will lower dramatically. Those people are naive and to be frank, idiotic. Data does not show that an assault weapons ban would magically stop or even decrease mass shootings. In fact, when the assault weapons ban was previously in place from 1994 to 2004, mass shootings actually showed a slight increase.

Thomas Jefferson once quoted criminologist Cesare Beccaria on the dangers of disarming citizens. He said, “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. …Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants…”

Criminals would continue finding ways to illegally acquire guns while robbing and attacking law-abiding citizens who suddenly have no means of self-defense.

When it comes to implementing more gun free zones, these areas do not help protect the people in them, but only become targets for criminals who actively seek these areas. Tom G. Palmer in an article in New York Daily News says, “Let’s get one thing very clear. Gun control advocates disarmed the victims at that night club…. That made those people sitting ducks.”

Legally designated gun free zones are invitations to killers. They get to rack up kills among defenseless victims without any effective opposition. There is a reason that they seek out such places: Everyone has been disarmed and rendered defenseless by the gun control movement.

The cause of mass shootings isn’t guns; it is mental health. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” at first this may sound juvenile, and it is easy for liberals to counter with, “Well, people need the guns to kill people,” which is true. But the point is, we need to target the source of the problem, not the tools used.

We need to talk about mental illness and how we can help provide services, resources and other support to those who need it. In the wake of another horrific national tragedy, it’s easy to talk about guns. But it’s time to talk about mental illness.

And let’s not make the argument that the mentally insane purchase their guns legally and we therefore need stricter checks. Background checks don’t stop criminals from stealing firearms, getting them on the black market, or getting them from straw purchasers.

All of this is so important to keep in mind during a time where continuous propaganda is being pushed via the gun control movement and radical leftists. It is our right to own and carry guns to ensure our safety and possibly others. Liberals might tell you differently, but the ultimate way to be empowered and prevent victimhood is with a gun.

unnamed (1)

July 2017


This past week, a mother of three, dedicated New York police officer was fatally shot and murdered simply for the fact that she was a police officer. At her funeral, her daughter tearfully spoke about the amazing woman that Officer Miosotis Familia was. With her final encounter of her mother alive, she distinctly remembers hugging her mother one last time. Through a tearful goodbye, reminisces all of the things she already missed about her beautiful mother, especially her hugs.

blog 2

Officer Miosotis Familia is a hero, and she gave the ultimate sacrifice while protecting others: something that most can agree is heroic in itself. At her funeral: banners, flower arrangements, and pictures surrounded the stage, some saying Blue Lives Matter.

But wait.

I thought that officer Miosotis Familia was black?

Shouldn’t her battle cry be Black Lives Matter?

In fact, no. It was not. It was the exact opposite of the Domestic Terror Organization known as Black Lives Matter.

Officer Miosotis Familia stood for something bigger than herself. She stood for those that are truly oppressed and those who are victims of the various crimes she works to eliminate.

She was the woman that was called in the middle of the night when gang violence in New York had erupted. She was the woman that was called when crimes of domestic violence took place. She was the woman that was called to chase down the individual who had just murdered another individual.

Yet, she was the woman who was murdered in cold blood, by a cop-hating, Black Lives Matter assassin.

Black lives matter is nothing but an organization fighting to further their cop-hating, racist behavior. They claim to fight for civil rights and equality for everyone, but where was the equality for this hero? Where was the statement from Black Lives Matter extending condolences to the mourning three children of Officer Familia? Nowhere to be found.

Black Lives Matter is an absolute disgrace to the United States of America, and is malignant to the civil rights movement. They claim to be fighting racism in America, yet they are the movement promoting racist and murderous behavior through their platform.

They riot in the streets, burning their own communities down when a criminal is killed for criminal activity, yet, when a hero of their own community is senselessly killed, no marching in the streets, rioting, or even a sense of outrage from the Black Lives Matter community.

Absolutely disgraceful. This is the hypocrisy and utter delusion that this organizaton is under.

This is not the first incident that individuals associating with Black Lives Matter have acted on the vicious ideology promoted through this platform. Just last year, three officers were murdered in Baton Rouge. July 7, 2016 FIVE officer is Dallas were murdered by a BLM activist.

The American people deserve better than this. Our men and women serving so selflessly in Blue deserve better than this. When will the Left wake up and realize that through this organization, senseless, heinous crimes are being committed because of the RACIST, HYPOCRITICAL platform and ideologies being promoted through Black Lives Matter.

This is not about politics. This is not about race, sex, gender, or ideology as so often the Left likes to blame. This is about human decency or the lack thereof. This is about families being drug through the unthinkable tragedy of a loved one being taken too soon.

This is Officer Familia’s three children, and countless others having to wake up every morning without a hug from their mother.

Without their mother at graduation.

Their wedding,

Or simply when they are scared for their future.

There is absolutely a war on cops, and this war on cops is being perpetrated by the Left.

The issue at hand is not race. The issue at hand is agenda. And this agenda will do whatever it takes, including promoting senseless violence to further their agenda.

An FBI agent explains,

Being a police officer is always fraught with daily peril, a fact that takes a toll on every cop family, though the public is only reminded of it by horrors like this one.

And the perils are growing worse. An FBI report recently confirmed a nationwide “War on Cops,” waged by assailants now more willing to use deadly force because they don’t believe they’ll pay a heavy price.”

Today, if you see a cop, thank a cop, and always remember our brave men and women in 3

July 2017

Classy Woman or Nasty Woman?

Feminism. A hot button topic of modern society. What is it? What happened to it? What do we, as women, stand for? The left and the right greatly disagree about what feminism is about. While I think both sides would agree it’s about equality of women, each side has a different version of what equality means.
For the right, equality is equal opportunity. For the left, equality is…… and that’s where I get lost. I have a hard time understanding what they believe is equality. Equal rights? We have those. As one of the many women on the right feeling this way, I’m tired of the left telling me what I need to be considered a feminist. So let’s dissect what the left believes is what makes YOU a feminist.
1. Abortion rights? I put a question mark because I’m honestly confused how abortion rights makes you a feminist. Women have the wonderful and profound ability to create life in their body with little help from the male species and yet, having the right to kill your unborn child is considered “feminist”. I”m sorry, I’d like to take my ability to create life and become prosperous instead of killing babies out of convenience.
2. Wearing “feminist” attire – Yep. It’s pretty simple. Throw on your Nasty Woman shirt and your pink pussy hat. You’ll be set with the left if you wear a hat that resembles your reproductive organs and a shirt proclaiming yourself as anything besides classy.
3. Reducing yourself to your reproductive organs – Yeah, I’ve had enough of this nonsense. I’m so so much more than my reproductive organs. I don’t need to become obsessed with my vagina and my uterus to stand up for “women’s rights”. I care about so much more than my reproductive organs and I AM SO MUCH MORE. I’m a woman with thoughts and feelings, I’m not a vagina.
4. Being a liberal – yep, feminism and being conservative just don’t go hand in hand anymore. The left labels any right-winging woman as despicable. To be a feminist for the left, you have to vote for Hillary and give all your tax payer dollars to Planned Parenthood.
5. Hating Men – As a liberal feminist, you better hate men, except when you want to use them for your own pleasure. The feminist left view men as weaker and only good for them when they want to use them. If feminism is about equality, why are the left trying to make women superior and men the weaker gender?
6. Tradition – The women of the left really really hate traditional upbringings and any sort of traditional aspirations. The left hates women who want to get married to a man and have babies. That means you’re succumbing to those 1950s standards of women who are expected to be a stay-at-home mom, cook, clean and succumb to their husband’s wants and needs. It’s nonsense. You can be a woman who wants children and a husband and still believe in women’s equality.
7. Demand free tampons! – This one drives me absolutely nuts from an economic standpoint. The liberal feminists are demanding “free” tampons, amongst other “free” crap from the government. I say “free” because nothing is free. ever. especially when the government is involved. I’m not too keen on the idea of paying higher taxes for “free” tampons. If the government is handing out tampons, they’re not gonna be decent tampons. Women, you know what I’m saying. The minute the government gets involved in feminine hygiene products, the crappier the hygiene products are gonna get for us. It’s just the way the world works.
So there you have it. It’s gonna be pretty hard for any right-winging woman to become a feminist under the left’s standards. I would encourage women of the right to keep doing their thing. Keep killing it in the political world, the professional world and everywhere else. We should be encouraging women and providing them with equal opportunity, NOT equal outcome. Women, let’s strive to be a classy woman instead of a nasty woman.


June 2017

How Turning Point USA Changed My Life

I want to make an impact within politics, but how?

Turning Point USA is a 501(c)3 non-partisan, nonprofit organization. Their mission is to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government. 

I was new to Twitter a year ago, after being off of it for a few years, and stumbled across Charlie Kirk’s profile. Charlie started TPUSA June 5th of 2012 and has since grown Turning Point USA from nothing to having representation on over 1000+ schools, 5,000+ activism retreats, over hundreds of appearances on Fox News, CNBC, and Fox Business; and 500K face-to-face conversations.

I joined my university’s TPUSA chapter in the fall of 2016, attended the Winter in West Palm Beach retreat in December, attended the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, and just attended the Young Women’s Leadership Summit with Turning Point in June. Best decision ever. I went into college knowing I wanted to study politics then attend law school. That all changed after I started getting involved in Turning Point. I knew I was worth more. I knew I could do more for the conservative movement. I decided law school was no longer going to cut it for me. I’d rather do something more with my life. Getting involved with Turning Point USA has had such a long-lasting impact on my life. If you have the opportunity to get involved with Turning Point USA- DO IT.

Educating students: a perk of being in a TPUSA chapter at your university is that you get to educate other students on fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets.

Confidence: I used to keep quiet about politics. How could I make a difference? Does my voice even matter? Does my vote really matter? Should I speak up in class if my professor is liberal? Yes. I quickly gained my political voice through Turning Point USA. I have become incredibly confident in my stances and way more interested in politics all around. I spend more time every day than I ever did before educating myself on how our government works, national security, executive orders, bills, Congress, Cabinet members, our President, and learning about how we can work towards a greater America for all Americans. Turning Point gave me the voice I always knew I had, but was afraid to use at first. It’s incredibly rewarding when other students reach out to me and thank me for having a political voice, because it’s shown them that they can, too! You can do it.

Retreats/ Events: I was able to bring Kimberly Corban to my college campus to speak to students. It was an amazing experience, changed the lives of others, and it was fun! Like stated before, I’ve already been to three conferences within the last 7 months with TPUSA! Events like these happen several times a year and they’re incredibly educating, fun, and a great way to network with Congressmen/Women, Conservative Radio Hosts/ TV hosts, Media outlets, and speakers!

Life-long Friendships: I have met some of my closest friends through Turning Point USA and I am forever grateful. First off- everybody who works for TPUSA wants you to succeed in life. They’re the kindest group of people who are always willing to reach out to you, help you, and make sure you enjoy every moment of being involved with Turning Point. On retreats, you meet so many like-minded people who quickly become your closest friends. Thanks to TPUSA, I have friends all over the country (some in Canada, too!). It’s been a pleasure meeting hundreds of students, with all different backgrounds, through Turning Point.

Opportunities: Did you know that Turning Point USA hires and promotes a lot from within the organization? Many very successful organizations and companies run this way. You have the opportunity to be involved in your chapter, be a part-time chapter coordinator, full-time field director, and many more positions! Turning Point USA loves seeing activists succeed beyond college graduation.

Turning Point USA is a new organization. It is only five years old and has grown so much so fast. Students have an opportunity to be a part of one of the biggest conservative movements in the country and truly make a difference. My life and college experience has drastically changed for the better and I couldn’t thank TPUSA enough. I cannot wait for more conferences, more networking opportunities, and challenging the liberal rhetoric on college campuses.


You can learn more about how to get involved with Turning Point USA by clicking this link: —-> Get Involved in TPUSA <—–

Thank you, Charlie, for founding this amazing movement. You’ve made an impact on my life and I look forward to seeing the many impacts Turning Point will continue to make on others’ lives.


May 2017

Proud to be a Republican: a rebuttal to the Odyssey article “Stop Complaining About How Hard It Is To Be A Millennial Republican”.

nnhIt is not unusual for conservatives to scroll through articles and see one supporting an idea from the political left. Typically, we will disagree with the article, but we are able to look at the issues presented from another perspective and strengthen our own political arguments and beliefs. This week, we came across the article titled, Stop Complaining About How Hard It Is To Be A Millennial Republican by Hannah Martian, and it was subsequently shared within a forum group of over 1,000 conservative millennial women. Reading it with an open mind, we were all shocked, disgruntled, and agitated by Martian’s article. This article is contradicting to itself, hypocritical, and incredibly poorly articulated. The English majors of the group were particularly alarmed. We were all perturbed sufficiently enough to not stay silent. So, Hannah, here’s a rebuttal from a few of us bigoted, misogynistic, Nazi Republicans you wrote that Odyssey article about.

Disclaimer: We ALL fully support your First Amendment right to be ignorant, intolerant, and opinionated about us. We sincerely hope you will reconsider doing the same.

Number one: Shut up? No thanks.

“There you go. My entire argument. No need for the rest of this piece to even exist!” You’re right. Odyssey shouldn’t have let this exist because it is a poor example of the left’s ability both to accept differing political views and your tolerance. No conservative has ever asked for people to feel bad for us, mostly because we don’t want you to. We don’t play the victim; that’s the left’s game. Have you ever been ostracized on your college campus or treated unfairly by a professor because of your political affiliation? I don’t think so. Most college campuses are full of liberal administrators and professors. Last semester I had a professor come up to me, while tabling for my Turning Point USA chapter at Illinois State University, who said word for word, “You’re not a liberal yet? Then ISU f****ed up.” He rudely debated with me, told me that my views are incorrect, and that my university had messed up because I’m still a conservative. These are the type of experiences millennial conservatives often write about, because it’s heinous that educated professors act this way towards us because of our political affiliation. In reality, we feel bad for you and millennial liberals in general because you have zero tolerance of or respect for other’s views…which is why you all need your safe spaces and coloring books in your twenties. Some Republicans voted for Trump and some did not. I did. Why? I wanted a new leader in America who wanted to put America first. A leader who cares about our national safety, our taxes, our increased debt, our military, and our health. A leader who cares for ALL Americans. Most importantly, a leader who will follow through with his promises.

Number two: Nobody “aligned” his or herself with anybody. You guys did that to us. We stick to our conservative principles.

Your radical idea is a dumb idea. I will not stop calling myself a Republican because the intolerant left wants to bully me and call me lame names. I am a Republican and I’m damn proud to be one. We aren’t ashamed of being Republican and we don’t let small-minded people get to us. Any article I’ve personally read from conservatives talking about what’s its like to be a millennial conservative are told from a first-person, experiential point of view. Onto your next ignorant thought in the article you wrote: I laughed as I read, “the hateful party you have become”, because it’s such a blind statement. Hannah, I’m assuming you don’t closely follow politics? The left has been the ones labeling conservatives as bigots, Islamophobes, homophobes, misogynistic, and incompetent people. We don’t label ourselves that way and we don’t label you that way. It’s the left’s hate and anger that does that. It was the left that disallowed certain Republican groups from joining the WOMEN’S MARCH. It was the left (you) that made a hateful article towards conservatives. Don’t be a pot calling the kettle black.

Number three: We don’t flip-flop on our beliefs and not all conservatives are the same.

Hello, wake up. It’s 2017. Conservatives do not all agree on every point of view in our party. Allow me to bring you up to speed. Trump is the first president to openly support and state that he will not do anything to suppress LGBTQ rights. The rights those individuals have are staying and he will support them all. Roe v. Wade also isn’t overturned as of today’s press time, so the left’s argument about reproductive organs is exhausting. Get over it. The Supreme Court already voted on that years ago, and that decision still stands. I might think you’re a piece of shit for wanting abortion rights, but I respect your views being different than mine. Want to know the difference between how conservatives react to differing views versus liberals? You call me a bigot and I keep my opinion of your character to myself while continuing to treat you with respect. Conservatives don’t get the same justice from the left. However, some conservatives are also pro-choice and think women should decide what to do with their pregnancies, they just don’t want tax dollars paying for it. Yet none of you listen or pay attention to that, because how dare you admit you might even slightly agree with some conservatives! Shameful. We want limited government. Nobody has ever tried to “dictate what other people do with their bodies”. Those of us who are pro-life want Roe v. Wade overturned, but wanting it doesn’t make it so. You’re complaining about a right you currently still have, which is just a waste of the left’s time.  You say you believe everyone should have their own views, yet you end number three by saying we deserve all of the names people call us. Your entire article is contradicting and the only one who is coming off like a bigot is you, Hannah, and the Odyssey for publishing this article in the first place.

Number four: This leaves us to make this rebuttal because you were so ignorant in your original post.

Stop it with the old comment, “grab her by the genitals”. “That isn’t appropriate for a president to say”. You’re right. It’s a damn good thing that a president didn’t say that. Donald Trump wasn’t the POTUS in 2005. If we focused on things presidents said YEARS before they even ran for president, in private conversations with friends, then we’d find faults in all of them. You cannot be pissed off by something he SAID years ago when Hillary’s husband actually ACTED and cheated on her in the physical White House. Let’s not forget about all the women silenced by the Clintons when they tried to speak out about Bill Clinton sexually assaulting them: Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and Kathy Shelton to name a few. You cannot sit there and call Trump a sexist for things he’s said and accusations that have now been cleared, when you had a woman running as the Democratic candidate who is married to a man who also has sexual assault accusations against him and an affirmed affair. You also stated that a ton of people are living in “fear” because Trump is in the White House. Don’t speak for the entire Democratic party, because that’s a ridiculous claim. He has not signed any executive orders or passed any bills that would drastically change anyone’s life. Unless you’re an illegal immigrant or a terrorist- you don’t have much to worry about.  

Number five: Your conclusion contradicts your entire article, so thank you.

What in the hell did I just read? You are kidding, right? Was your article satire? When have you ever heard a young conservative say, “Gays are icky”? We already covered this above, so now you’re just beating a dead horse. You just made an entire post about how our opinions are bigoted and ignorant, then you contradict that by making an arrogant response in your conclusion.

“By electing Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and allowing them to put Nazis and racists and bigots in their cabinet, and then filling Congress with those same people, the Republican party has become the same as the people they elected.” Besides showing off your horrible grammar, this entire sentence is pure ignorance. Are you saying that Nikki Haley who works hard everyday as U.N. Ambassador and was very respected as governor of South Carolina; James Mattis who runs our military effectively and protects our country; Betsy DeVos who is working towards school choice to better our education systems; Neil Gorsuch who is highly qualified to be on our Supreme Court, and the rest of the qualified people Trump has appointed are bigoted Nazis? Do you even understand how large of an accusation that actually is? Can you give me a legitimate example of what makes each of them a Nazi? Doubtful. Can you give me an example of why you think they’re unqualified or bad cabinet picks? I think you should take the time to do your research on Trump’s cabinet; their backgrounds, what they stand for, and how they’re working hard every day to Make America Great Again- even for you.

We are all proud to be millennial Republicans. Proud of our choices to be millennial Republicans. Proud of the votes we have placed. Proud that we can handle ignorance, like this article. Take your own advice and look at yourself, how you tolerate others’ views, and how instead of bashing Republicans, you could respect our differences of opinion, gain a new perspective, and maybe even learn something.



Find original post towards Conservatives by Hannah Martian here

[ Odyssey article towards Conservatives]



Written by: Delainey Trost, Madison Smith, Jasmine Morgan, and Ali Harrison.


May 2017

West is under attack

The left is so quick to call everyone “Islamophobic” any time the mention of a #TravelBan is brought up and when a terrorist attack happens, they like to lecture conservatives on how we should not be quick to rush to judgement. Who committed the acts of terror? On average, a terrorist attack has been occurring 1-2 times a WEEK now by the Islamic State. The ISLAMic State. Not Christians. Not Jewish people. Not Buddhists. Radical Islamists

Are people truly Islamophobic? Is that the cause for these terrorist attacks? NO. The west is  under attack because people are radicalizing. Nobody hates all Muslims and people are educated enough to understand that not all Muslims are falling victim to radicalization. Muslims are not born and raised hating those who are not Muslim. There are SO many people around the world who are Muslim that are just as sickened and scared of these radicalists, too. Muslims who have not conformed to being extremists are also being beheaded, stabbed, raped, and murdered by the Islamic State. Horrifying.

The Islamic State has targeted women, Christians, Muslims who have not conformed into extremism, and children. The West is under attack.

I do not hate Muslims. I hate radical Islamists and jihadists. I do have a phobia of terrorism. I do have a phobia of being beheaded and killed by jihadists. I do have a phobia of America being under a terrorist attack again. If you say you don’t, out of fear of being politically incorrect or insensitive, you are lying. If you’re not worried or scared of radicalism and jihadists, then you are not informed of the threat the west is under. 

Every country needs to be on alert for terrorist attacks because the Islamic State isn’t stopping anytime soon. They’re working daily to radicalize more and more people. They’re in every country.

The travel ban isn’t the only answer.Countries also need to monitor people traveling back and forth to areas that are known terrorist breading grounds. Muslims are leaving their homeland countries and heading to countries known for radicalization. They radicalize and then head back to their home to commit the acts of terror under Allah. The Manchester attack was from a guy, born in England, who crossed borders, radicalized, then came to his own homeland, and killed over 20 innocent children.

You’d think people in the US would open their eyes and realize we need the travel ban and for our borders to be closed until the terrorist threat and issues are fixed. Lol, nope! Not the left! They have celebrities back them and speak for them saying the #TravelBan shows Islam phobia and we need open borders and open arms to fight hate with love. How’s that working out for Europe? How’s that working out for everyone terrified in the US? It isn’t smart to constantly live in fear when we have solutions. The travel ban and closely monitoring peoples travel are two temporary solutions until we figure out how to rid of ISIS.

The left thinks we cannot defeat ISIS. A World War II Veteran destroys that claim by saying this:

“The hell you can’t, because we did it. These radical jihadists are no different than the imperial Japanese. The Japs had their suicide bombers, too. And we stopped them. What it takes is the resolve and will to use a level of brutality and violence that your generations can’t stomach. And until you can, this shit won’t stop. It took us on the beaches with bullets, clearing out caves with flame throwers, and men like LeMay burning down their cities killing people by the tens of thousands. And it took two atoms bombs on top of it. But if that’s what it took to win we were willing to do it. Until you are willing to do the same.. well I hope you enjoy this shit, because it ain’t going to stop”.

We have the strongest military in the world and thanks to men and women, like that veteran, we saved a lot of American lives and got our POWs out of Japan in WWII. Stop treating these terrorists any different. The only way they can be stopped is if people start putting America first. We finally have a President willing to protect us and a military that is working incredibly hard to find the leader of ISIS. We can all take a little note from that veteran: They are not stopping until they are stopped. Jihadists will not respond to love and compassion. If they enter, they will kill. 

Be smart. Wake up. Realize the West is under attack

May 2017

Hollywood Elite hate crime:

This week, Kathy Griffin, another Hollywood elite, came out with what she calls “art”. Kathy says in the video, “I won’t give away what we’re doing, but Tyler and I aren’t afraid to do images that make noise.” Her photographer is Tyler Shields.

The photo shoot that Griffin decided to do was her holding a decapitated effigy of President Donald Trump with blood covering his face. When will Hollywood and liberal elites start using their voice to UNITE the country instead of spreading hate?

Kathy, do you realize that your image is a threat? Do you realize that you’re promoting hate? Do you realize what you’re teaching younger generations? Decapitating an effigy of the President of the United States doesn’t make you an artist or comedian. It makes you an ass, Kathy. 

Liberal elites need to stop labeling everything that conservatives do as a “hate crime”, then come out with animalistic photo shoots like this. Kathy is a negative example for people in America. She chose to make herself an icon of hate and spite towards the President of the United States of America.

“The fact that these people are making a public statement with this on a large platform and reaching many Americans with this message is extremely disturbing. Many Americans are sick of the elitist circle of Hollywood and the media perpetuating this hate. An effigy of a current sitting president’s decapitated head is an absolutely violent and disturbing image, and it is exacerbated exponentially when it is widely distributed to the public through the media” 

Conservatives are tired of the hateful actions and words promoted by Hollywood elites. Enough is enough. You are accomplishing nothing with your actions. The more the media and leftists try to make the Trump administration fail, the more they make America fail. Very saddening.

So Kathy, nice last effort in trying to boost up your ratings in the most pathetic, artistic way.

Enjoy the Trump train for the next four years!

May 2017

Dear radical feminists:

Dear radical modern feminists: please stop. Stop wearing costumes and hats of genitalia. Stop being so hateful towards men. Stop complaining about rights you already have. Stop excluding any woman who does not fit into your narrative or hold the same views as you. Stop using repulsive words to get your message across. Stop brainwashing very young girls to behave like that as well. You have all the same rights men do. We did it! Take a peek of our accomplishments as women in America:

May of 1869: Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton formed the National Women Suffrage Association. Their primary goal was to achieve voting rights for women. 

June 4, 1919: Congress passed the 19th Amendment, and ratified it on August 18, 1920, which granted women the right to vote. 

1960: the Food and Drug administration approved birth control pills.

June 10th, 1963: the Equal Pay Act was signed into law by John F Kennedy, which gave women the right to vote, like men. 

1964: discrimination is barred in the work force on the base of race and sex.

1976: The first marital rape law is enacted in Nebraska, making it illegal for a husband to rape his wife.

1978: The Pregnancy Discrimination Act bans employment discrimination against pregnant women

1994: The Violence Against Women Act tightens federal penalties for sex offenders, funds services for victims of rape and domestic violence, and provides for special training of police officers.

2003: companies can be sued if they violate the Family Leave Medical Act

Jan. 2, 2016: women will be allowed to serve in any job in the armed services

We obtained equality and are very fortunate to be treated this way in America. So what are modern day feminists causing such a fuss about? You have your rights. You are equal to men. Go out and be successful! Yikes, in 1973 you even got Roe V Wade passed which gave women the right to an abortion.

Modern day feminists do not stand for all women, and they certainly do not stand for me as a conservative.

Modern feminists do not stand for all women and it’s a shame that the media pretends they do. Disallowing a pro-life group of woman from joining the Woman’s March in D.C. certainly isn’t ‘standing for all women’. Marching for abortion rights, that you already have, certainly isn’t for all women. Using obscene profanity to get your message across isn’t a way to speak for all women. What about the unborn females you want to abort? What about conservative women? What about pro-life women? Pathetic.

How do you expect respect when you don’t give it out? You don’t respect men. You don’t respect women who do not have the same opinions as you. You wear costumes of genitalia. You make signs that say, ‘this pussy grabs back’. Some of you chose to opt out of wearing clothes by just wearing fishnets with no top, and you defaced property by sticking pads all over the city. You act like animals, yet demand respect? Nice try.

Try acting like that while wearing those costumes in other countries. The rights that you’re too ignorant to realize you have, are the same rights that protect your right to act like fools. If you dressed like that in other countries, you’d be beat. If you tried standing up to men in other countries to be equal, you’d be killed.

You live in the greatest country in the world. You have rights. You are protected under our constitution. You are equal to men. If you want to be treated with more respect and taken seriously, then be thankful for all the rights you have. First wave feminists worked really hard to get us where we are today.

The women’s march should be used as a day to celebrate all of the things we’ve accomplished in America!

We’ve achieved so much, so lets not back track. Women need to be united and empower one another.

So please, stop your man-hating club and start standing with and for all women.

May 2017

Open borders are not the answer to end terrorism


“No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.”

Last night in Manchester, UK a terrorist attack occurred at the Manchester Arena during the Ariana Grande concert killing over 20 innocent people, including children. Katy Perry responded to the incident as if the world is a playground saying that we need “no barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist”.  WHAT? Have we learned NOTHING? Liberal Hollywood is so out of touch with what the true dangers of terrorism are bringing to the world. The terrorist threats have been more severe within the last few years, yet people disregard them until a horrific event happens. ISIS has gone global and they are not stopping anytime soon. What do people not understand about this? Shocking. 

In just the last THREE years ISIS has targeted these cities and countries around the world: Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, London, Normandy, United States, Belgium, Australia, Libya, Yemen, Turkey, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, The United Kingdom, and Egypt. 

Open borders are NOT the answer. ISIS does not respond to kindness, love, or compassion. The only way ISIS responds to open borders is with gunfire, explosions, beheadings, stabbings, and car/bus crashes on innocent civilians around the globe. We finally have a president that wants to take care of Americans, our safety, and protect us from terrorism. 

Being anti-terrorist is NOT the same thing as being Islamophobic

Islam is not the problem here. Freedom of religion is a beautiful thing. It is when religion is used as an excuse for terrorism when it becomes a problem.

Celebrities need to get out of their delusional bubble and come to the realization that terrorism is not something that we can tiptoe around. It’s a lot easier for celebrities to welcome refugees and want an open border policy because they have their houses gated and security guards. Take that all away from them and let’s see how many celebrities want to advocate for open borders and compassion towards extremists. 

Katy, if you don’t want borders and want to co-exist, why don’t you go live near the Islamic State and let me know how it all works out for you.  ISIS does not care about anybody, especially about co-existing with you and being your pal. They do not have emotions. They are terrorist killing machines. Everyone should be awake now and realize that borders should be more secure, security Intel should be heightened, and ISIS should be defeated. 

So Katy Perry, I’ll be waiting for your call. 

 Thoughts and prayers to all the families affected by the events in Manchester. Thankfully we have a president right now that has our nation’s best interest at heart and is working hard to ensure safety to all citizens.